FitQuest: A Personal Journey

FitQuest: A Personal Journey is a NEW web-based learning and assessment system designed to support the 1- and 2-credit fitness, sport, and activity classes taught at most colleges and universities. This new system will provide students with a high-quality, personalized online learning experience that enhances their in-class activities.

21st Century Wellness: The Science of The Whole Individual

21st Century Wellness: The Science of the Whole Individual is designed for 3-credit hour fitness and wellness courses. The goal of 21st Century Wellness is to motivate you to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. As you establish a healthy identity, healthy choices will follow. Positive, intrinsic motivation is stable, and lasting. Fostering attitudes of self-acceptance of one’s whole self, and especially acceptance of one’s body, is an integral part of this textbook.


Bearface instructional systems personalize students’ learning and gives educators effective, customizable analytics that track students learning behaviors in real-time.

We publish peer-reviewed content, assessments, and real-time analytics that help you manage your course.

We offer adaptive behavior-change assessments and tutorials from our behavior change experts.

You have the data. Now it’s time to prove that your graduates can adapt in all parts of their lives.

Our team of nutritionists, fitness specialists, and nurse practitioners will drive real behavior change.

Create a smarter textbook and assessment system that matches the needs of your students and your approach.


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