Academic Advisor - Michele M. Sweeney, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences
Salem State University

Michele Sweeney, Ed.D. is the Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences at Salem State University. As an associate dean, Dr. Sweeney’s greatest interest lies in the advocacy of the liberal arts as well as the undergraduate student’s first year experience. She supports 20 departments in developing quality programming, and faculty initiatives.

In addition to her administrative role, Dr. Sweeney also holds the title of Visiting Associate Professor in the Sport and Movement Science Department after having served as a full time faculty member from 1999-2010. In the Sport and Movement Science’s graduate program, Dr. Sweeney enjoys engaging K-12 educators in the creative thinking and integration of wellness education into the school culture using a 21st century achievement based curriculum and instructional design approach that is fully aligned with an institution’s mission, strategic plan and desired outcomes.

Dr. Sweeney has done extensive study in the area of constructivism as it relates to a specific teaching strategy named Tactical Games Approach or Teaching Games for Understanding.

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