Chris Johnson, Founder & CEO

Chris Johnson is the Founder and President of Bearface Instructional Technologies, a 21st century publisher specializing in web-based learning systems that replace traditional textbooks in college and university courses. Chris has nearly 20 years of experience in trade and academic publishing, including product development, marketing and sales of both print and digital learning systems.

Before Bearface, Chris was Publisher of Health Professions at Wolters Kluwer Health and Executive Editor of McGraw-Hill Education’s Health and Human Performance group. Under his leadership, Chris signed, developed and launched a long list of innovative and financially successful first-edition print and digital learning systems, such a Mike Meyers Computer Skills series (2003), Teague’s Your Health Today (2006), Sparling’s iHealth: An Interactive Framework (2008), Liguori’sFitWell: Questions and Answers (2010), and Lochbaum’s Connect Get Active (2011).

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