Why Bearface?

Bearface Instructional Technologies values and mission are represented in our name. Bearface means honesty, transparency, and a fierce devotion to helping others find their path to happiness.

The Meaning of the Bear

In many cultures around the world, the bear is a symbol of strength, wisdom, healing, and teaching. Many Native American tribes hold bears in high esteem and are careful not to disrespect them. Indeed, Native Americans folklore often portrays bears as punishers of disrespectful or improper behavior.

In Chinese culture, panda bears are laid-back and slow-moving, but also symbols of abundance and prosperity.

Throughout history Russia is associated with the bear. The Russian bear in the past was big, slow, and clumsy, but is now more often depicted as intelligent, powerful, and noble.

You and Bear Alike

Like us, bears are beautiful, caring, powerful, and dangerous. Like us, they are also vulnerable. They need good food, clean water, and space to raise their families. Like us, they are threatened because the habitats in which they live are dwindling.

What does the bear mean to you? Put your bearface on and find out.

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