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Bearface and Perceivant Sign Partnership Agreement for Big Data Analytics

We are pleased to announce that Bearface Instructional Technologies and Perceivant have signed a partnership agreement to package Perceivant’s data analytic technology with Bearface learning and assessment products. Perceivant technology is a real-time data analytics platform that enables Bearface customers to analyze and report development of students’ behavior change skills, more than just memorization and test-taking abilities. For Perceivant, Bearface offers a channel through which to upsell additional data analytic services to colleges and universities across North America.

Using data collected by Bearface’s science-based assessments, educators can do ad hoc queries, without IT assistance, on terabytes of wellness data that is received in real time. We’ll be able to do predictive analytics and trend analysis that will enable educators and administrators to demonstrate a return on investment for key stake holders, including students, parents, state governing bodies, and employers.

In the past few months, Bearface and Perceivant worked closely together to integrate Perceivant’s data analytic technologies into the Bearface web-based platform, BearTracks. Together, we are working with our academic partners to develop easy to produce reports that educators can use to demonstrate the efficacy of their courses, alignment with institutional goals, and the development of students’ learning and behavior change skills. Using Perceivant’s big data analytics, Bearface enables colleges and universities to demonstrate they are graduating students with learned behaviors that are critical to professional and personal success.

In cooperation with researchers at the University of Indianapolis, Bearface is conducting a pre- and post-course assessment project in which hundreds of students from colleges and universities around the country are currently participating. This project is demonstrating Bearface and Perceivant’s ability to collect, analyze, and report students’ learning behaviors and behavior change skills. Perceivant’s data analytics and reporting technology will be available with Bearface products, including FitQuest: A Personal Journey, which will begin generating revenue in fall 2014.

Perceivant’s technology and the experience of its leadership team are important assets that will ensure the success of Bearface Instructional Technology for many years to come.

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