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Bearface Instructional Technologies and Pro-Change Behavior Systems Sign Partnership Agreement

We are pleased to announce that Bearface signed a partnership agreement with Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. to integrate Pro-Change’s award-winning LifeStyle Management Suite into Bearface learning and assessment system products.

Founded by Dr. James Prochaska, one of the lead developers of the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, Pro-Change is a leader in behavior change science. Pro-Change provides cutting-edge science and engaging, evidence-based behavior change solutions through a variety of technologies.

The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change and Dr. Prochaska’s research is well known by college professors in the fields of psychology, health education, and exercise science. Bearface will be the first higher education publisher to integrate Pro-Change’s LifeStyle Management Suite into its products thereby providing Bearface with another competitive advantage.

Using sophisticated algorithms that assess  readiness for change, Pro-Change’s LifeStyle Management Suite provides tailored feedback to students about their stage of change and gives them a personalized learning experience that is relevant and motivating. Along the way, Bearface’s analytic tools can collect and report on students’ progress, tracking changes in their ability to learn and adapt. This enables university faculty and administrators the ability to demonstrate more than simple knowledge acquisition. Using these instructional technologies, colleges and universities will be able to demonstrate that teaching their students skills and behaviors that are critical to professional and personal success.

About Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.

Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc., a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, is a research and development company providing wellness partners with digital- and coaching-based programs for reducing multiple health risk behaviors and enhancing multiple domains of well-being. Based on the Transtheoretical Model developed by founder Dr. James O. Prochaska, Pro-Change programs are for entire populations, while being uniquely tailored to each individual. Pro-Change programs have produced unprecedented impacts on multiple behaviors to enhance health and well-being, and reduce health care costs and lost productivity. Pro-Change’s Health Risk Intervention (HRI) has been awarded Health Information Products (HIP) Certification for Health Appraisals by National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). In addition, Pro-Change’s LifeStyle Management Programs for Stress Management, Depression Prevention, Weight Management, Exercising Regularly, Smoking Cessation, and Medication Adherence won the URAC Gold Award for Best Practices in Health Management in 2009. In 2012, the LifeStyle programs were featured on AHRQ’s Innovation Exchange website. For more information about Pro-Change, please visit

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