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Bearface Instructional Technologies Receives Series-A Financing From Bootstrap Incubation, LLC

Web-Based Platforms Personalize Students’ Learning, Give Educators Customizable Analytics to Track Students’ Learning Behaviors Real-Time

Solana Beach, Calif. Sept. 18, 2014 – Bearface® Instructional Technologies, LLC, an academic publisher of web-based learning and assessment systems for wellness education programs, has received significant Series-A funding from Bootstrap Incubation, LLC to support product development at the Indianapolis-based company.

“Our partnership with Bootstrap Incubation is important to us in ways beyond the significant financial investment that Bootstrap has made in Bearface. In Bootstrap, we have found a partner who shares our vision for higher education and wellness promotion, and who offers expertise and experience that complement our own,” said Chris Johnson, chief executive officer of Bearface.

Kyle Williams, president of Bootstrap Incubation, added, “Educational programs, particularly for health and wellness courses, are ripe for digital innovation. For substantially less than the price of a textbook, Bearface delivers a 21st century learning environment that benefits both students and professors. We predict a great future for Bearface, given the company’s deep understanding of the education market and innovative use of technology to deliver value and cut costs.”

Bearface’s platforms personalize students’ learning and gives educators effective, customizable analytics that track students learning behaviors real-time. These are powerful, easy-to-use tools for evidence-based reporting and decision making. Johnson hopes Bearface will revolutionize higher education and provide a better learning experience for students and educators. With a focus in health and wellness education, Bearface believes its product will lead to a more effective teaching system and ultimately, a healthier, smarter student.

“In the traditional university model, students learn by listening to lectures, reading required textbooks and taking tests. At Bearface, we aim to break this model with engaging online evidenced-based content and assessment that teaches students to self-assess, reflect, and develop knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed in all parts of their life, academically, professionally, and personally,” Johnson said. “For educators, we provide tools with which they can collect, track, and report students’ learning data. We enable educators to demonstrate that their students are developing skills needed on the job and in all dimensions of life: the ability to communicate effectively, solve complex problems, and adapt.”

Bearface Instructional Technologies currently offers three wellness programsto assess and show the positive impact of wellness education:FitQuestis a web-based learning and assessment system designed to support the one- and two-credit fitness, sport and activity classes taught at most colleges and universities; 21st Century Wellnessis designed for three-credit hour fitness and wellness courses and provides an online environment in which students learn about themselves through self-assessment and reflection with the goal of motivating them to live a healthier, more fulfilling life; Beartracks Assessment is a real-time data and predictive analytics platform backed by Perceivant that provides educators the ability to analyze students’ behavior changes on terabytes of real-time wellness data through an easy-to-use dashboard.

About Bearface Instructional Technologies:

Bearface Instructional Technologies, LLC produces web-based learning materials and assessment tools that replace traditional textbooks used in university courses and employee well-being programs. Bearface provides students with a personalized learning experience that develops their ability to self-assess and adapt in all dimensions of their lives. Its innovative approach enables educators to measure students’ learning growth and behavior change, more than just memorization and test taking ability. And, Bearface gives universities the big data analytics to demonstrate they are graduating students with learned behaviors that are critical to professional and personal success.  For more information, visit

About Bootstrap Incubation, LLC:

Bootstrap Incubation, LLC is a private capital investment firm with a vision of how technology is changing the competitive landscape. Bootstrap invests in companies providing technology-based services and products, with an emphasis on Software-as-a-Service and analytics. In addition to capital, Bootstrap offers expertise, contacts and strategic advice to help businesses reach their potential. Allowing companies to focus on their core strengths, Bootstrap alleviates the challenges of rapid growth by providing financial acumen, IT expertise, recruiting, and scalable sales and marketing support to their portfolio companies. For more information, visit




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