Bearface is Leading the Trend in Higher Education

Two recent articles highlight the shift in higher education publishing, and the opportunity for Bearface Instructional Technologies.

Lectures Aren’t Just Boring, They’re Ineffective, Too, Study Finds


Learning to Think Outside the Box: Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline (http://nyti.ms/Ly8xqy)

Bearface learning products are designed to teach behavior change strategies and techniques that students can apply to all dimensions of their lives. Through evidenced-based self-assessment and informed reflection, we help students develop skills that will enable them to creatively adapt to constantly changing world. With Perceivant’s big data analytic technology, we give educators the data to do their own self-assessment, to reflect on their instruction, and to improve their instruction. This is the goal to which all colleges and universities strive.

We aren’t trying to replace the professor or the classroom. We are providing flexible learning and teaching tools that enable students to find their own path and that enable educators to make best use of their education and training. Professors should be coaches and mentors, not just lecturers.

Our competitors are focused on the book lecture model. Given that they have so much invested in it, it is in their interest to do so. Our customers want something different. They are ready to break the mold. Bearface is the partner who will help them do that.

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