Producing learning systems for wellness education

Bearface Instructional Technologies is a academic publisher dedicated to providing content, activities, assessments, and reporting systems that support health and fitness classes in colleges and universities. Bearface is more than a textbook publisher because to most people, including me, “textbook” still means the presentation of content using text and images organized sequentially by chapters and pages. Of course, less static, more multimedia-integrated ebook platforms, such as iBooks.

With Bearface, I want to create more than print or electronic versions of books. I want to create learning systems that that embraces and supports everything that instructors and students do in health and fitness programs. This means applying proven learning theory and instructional systems design in a way that enables students to learn and practice concepts and skills most effectively while giving educators the tools that will help them maximize the efficacy of their academic programs. We develop learning systems that enable instructors to assign engaging, interactive assignments and assessments that can be easily tracked and reported.

Perhaps most importantly, Bearface creates systems that are designed to align classes and academic programs with the higher mission and goals of the institutions in which those classes are taught. Wellness education, because it is concerned with the wellbeing of the individual in the context of family, community, and society, must be central to a college or universities mission to produce productive critical thinking citizens who will add value to their communities.

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