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Real-Time Analytics and Reporting for Higher Education

Your faculty and staff need the academic freedom to collect and store data their way. Preserving that freedom shouldn’t be a barrier to connecting and correlating data that is stored in your institutions’ disparate data systems and departments. Let us help you tie it all together: safely, securely, and by the rules.

Capture Your Students’ Whole Academic Story: Beginning, Middle, and End

Test scores and GPAs don’t tell the whole story. Students care about getting a good, well-paying job. Employers care about hiring graduate with fundamental workplace skills, such as the ability to communicate, solve complex problems, and adapt to changing situations.

What if you could:

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting for Higher Education

  • Easily, cost effectively, and securely aggregate a profile of your all your students’ learning knowledge and skills from the first day of class?
  • Track students’ progress real-time so you can see what works and what doesn’t, and so you have an early warning system to rescue struggling students before it is too late?
  • Easily, cost effectively, and securely aggregate a rich profile of all of your graduates, when they graduate?
  • Show future students, parents, alumni, employers, accreditation boards, governing bodies, and your community that your graduates have the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed, be productive, and be happy in all dimensions of their life?

Show What They Can Do, Not Just What They Can Memorize

Powered by Perceivant’s big-data analytics, our BearTracks Assessment and Reporting System provides an easy and effective way for educators to measure changes in students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors during their course work.

BearTracks offers an assessment framework that captures pre- course and post-course assessment data as well as everything in between. You can measure course efficacy in terms of attitudes and behaviors. You can see how students develop cognitive strategies, which is so much better than assessing their ability to memorize (and later forget) facts.

BearTracks’ evidence-based assessments and analysis reports are easy for instructors to assign. BearTracks is adaptable so faculty can add assessments and create reports without IT’s help.

Make Healthy, Informed Decisions for Your Institution

Perceivant is fast. Really fast. Set-up takes days/weeks, not months, and requires minimal involvement from your internal IT team. But that is just the warm-up. Perceivant’s query processing is up to 100 times faster than Blackboard, Hadoop, or other course management and data analytic systems.

Insights that Save Time, Money, and Students
Online approach to learning

When a relationship between data points is made, Perceivant gives you the ability to continually and automatically monitor data for records that fit those criteria. This saves time and resources, and it gives you the ability create early warning systems that could increase student retention and graduation rates (among a lot of other things).

Scalable for Colleges Big and Small

Perceivant can easily grow with universities, colleges, schools, and departments that have less data.

Secure and HIPAA-compliant

Perceivant is a cloud-based application that is customizable to fit your data security requirements. All measures, in terms of secure access, are in place with every Perceivant engagement. We also offer extra security through private or regulation-specific clouds. Perceivant is HIPAA-compliant so that student wellness data is safe and can be used to drive good decisions.

Easy to Use

You do not need to be a data scientist or have formal training to use Perceivant. The system is designed to be used throughout a college and university by faculty and staff who want to easily collect and analyze data for research, decision making, and reporting.

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