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Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Coaching with RevUp

Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Coaching with RevUp


RevUp is a dynamic digital health application that allows you to merge your personal health and genetic information with data aggregated from fitness and activity trackers, digital scales, glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, and nutrition logging tools. With all this data in one easy-to-use application, you can track health habits and choices over time.


With all this data visible and constantly being updated, you become more aware of your health metrics, food choices and activity levels and can monitor changes over time. A team of expert health coaches makes the data relevant and actionable for you.


RevUp’s team of real-life coaches—nurse practitioners, nutritionists, and fitness specialist—are ready to help you and your students take the next step to greater well-being with personalized coaching and motivation. Now, you don’t have to be the only wellness coach in class.

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Adopt RevUp with Bearface Learning Systems

RevUp can be packaged with Bearface products at nominal cost. Your students will receive 4-month access to RevUp, including wellness coaching. After that, your students can continue using it for a low-monthly subscription.

RevUp for Faculty, Staff, and Student Wellbeing

RevUp is an effective, reasonable-cost solution for your institution’s well being program. With RevUp, you have an easy and effective tool to manage health care costs and promote faculty, staff, and student well being.

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