About 21st Century Wellness: The Science of the Whole Individual

21st Century Wellness: The Science of The Whole Individual

A Healthy Integration of Mind & Body

The 21st Century Wellness, or mindbody wellness, paradigm begins with the recognition that each of us is a complex being composed of mind and body functioning as a unified whole. The essence of wellness is a healthy integration of mind and body that results in health, fitness, and overall well-being. Wellness is a state of being that maximizes the potential of individual and societal quality of life. Wellness is internal harmony, optimal energy and aliveness.

Motivating From The Inside Out

The goal of 21st Century Wellness is to motivate you to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. As you establish a healthy identity, healthy choices will follow. Positive, intrinsic motivation is stable, and lasting. Fostering attitudes of self-acceptance of one’s whole self, and especially acceptance of one’s body, is an integral part of this textbook.

Establishing a Scientific Understanding of Wellness 

21st Century Wellness is grounded in a scientific understanding of the components of wellness. The MindBody approach does not take us away from our science but demands that we delve more deeply into all aspects of the knowledge we have today.

21st Century Wellness Features

Hands-on approach to wellness

Personalized Learning Experience

21st Century Wellness provides an online environment in which students learn about themselves through self-assessment and reflection.

Data collected from students’ activities and assessments are reported to their online portfolio, which enables them to track progress towards their academic and well being goals.

This experiential approach replaces the lecture and enables instructors to become classroom facilitators and coaches.

Digital Wellness Course
Multimedia eBook, Assessments and Activities

21st Century Wellness experiential approach enables students to find their own learning path. 21st Century Wellness self-assessments, multimedia activities, and quizzes, organized into easy-to-navigate online modules, give students immediate personalized feedback. Using the multimedia eBook for reference, students reflect on their assessment feedback and create strategies and tactics for healthy change.

Better use of student's time
Behavior Change Tools From The Experts

We have seamlessly integrated into 21st Century Wellness is the Pro-Change LifeStyle Management Suite, an innovative behavior change assessment and tutorial developed by the leading experts in behavior change theory, Drs. James and Jan Prochaska and their team at Pro-Change Behaviors Systems. The LifeStyle Management Suite is an engaging, evidenced-based program designed to assess students’ stage of change and provide personalized coaching that help students develop their own strategies and tactics for lasting change.

Flexible and Customizable

21st Century Wellness organizes content into manageable chapters and modules that provides coverage of important topics while enabling instructors to select and organize the topics according to the learning objectives of his or her class. Instructors can easily use the course as designed or customize assignments to fit the objectives and time constraints of their classes.

Easy to Use Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

21st Century Wellness provides a framework for capturing student input data (previous knowledge, experience, attitudes, behaviors), recording data about students learning environment and experience, and collecting students’ output data (knowledge, experience, attitudes, and behaviors after instruction).  Powered by Perceivant technology is a real-time data analytics platform that enables Bearface customers to analyze and report development of students’ behavior change skills, more than just memorization and test-taking abilities.

Change current way of teaching health and wellness



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