21st Century Wellness: Table of Contents

  1. Who Am I? Establishing A Healthy Concept of Self
  2. Why Do I Feel This Way about Myself? Motivation For Making Healthy Change
  3. Why Be Fit? Functional Fitness – A Foundation for Life
  4. Where Do I “FIT”? Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  5. Why Should I Stretch? Improving Flexibility
  6. What are My Strengths? Muscle Endurance and Strength
  7. Am I What I Eat? Nutritious Eating
  8. What Will I Be Like 30 Years From Now? Maintaining A Healthy Weight
  9. Are You Making Stress Work for You? Manage Stress Effectively
  10. Is It Possible I Have an Addiction? Eliminating Addictive Behaviors
  11. How Can Sex Be Dangerous? Facing Unhealthy Sexual Challenges
  12. Are My Relationships Healthy? Healthy Living Within Society
  13. How Are My Choices Affecting My Life? Chronic Or “Lifestyle” Diseases
  14. What Activities Bring Me Joy? Individual and Family Recreation
  15. What Do I Really Desire for My Life? Living A Healthy Lifestyle Throughout Your Lifetime

Additional Chapter Topics Available : 

The chapters below can be added to an instructors’ online course. Bearface works with Universities to develop chapters that will be the most relevant to the campus.

  • Why Does Lifestyle Matter? Prevention of Chronic Diseases
  • What Are My Strengths? Muscle Health
  • Why Are Plant Foods Important? Plant Based Nutrition
  • How Do I Keep Weight Off? Adherence to Exercise and Maintenance of Weight Loss
  • What is Safer Sex? Healthy Sexuality
  • Could I Be Addicted? Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs


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