Assessment Insight 1.1: Your Personal Wellness Wheel

The wellness wheel in chapter 1 of your textbook depicts wellness activities that are basic enough that most people can apply to their lives. Make this into your own wellness wheel by adding specific activities within each of these general categories or by actually adding new spokes to the wheel. Take a screenshot of this and keep this in a wellness journal for your health portfolio so you can to revisit it in several years to see what revisions or additions you would make.


Change the aspects listed to fit those you feel contribute to your own personal wellness. List a few activities you currently participate in that contribute to each aspect you list. Use the Importance sliders to indicate how important you feel each aspect of wellness is to your overall wellbeing. Use the Satisfaction sliders to indicate how satisfied you currently are with each aspect of your own wellness.

When you’re finished, download a copy of your wheel and save it for your portfolio. At the end of the course you’ll return to this exercise and reflect on how your understanding of wellness—and your actual wellbeing—have changed.

Interpreting the Wellness Wheel

The Wellness Wheel is designed to reflect your overall assessment of your personal wellbeing. The colors around the perimeter change to reflect the importance and satisfaction you associate with the aspects of wellness you list. The area in the center becomes brighter or darker depending on the combination of all of the aspects.