About FitQuest: A Personal Journey

FitQuest: A Personal Journey

FitQuest: A Personal Journey is a NEW web-based learning and assessment system designed for fitness, sport, and activity classes taught at most colleges and universities.

FitQuest is a web-based learning system will provide students with an engaging, personalized learning experience that enables them to find their own path to wellness.

For educators, particularly faculty who coordinate large number of these classes, FitQuest is a tool with which they can manage the delivery of instruction, create customized assessments, track student progress, monitor efficacy of instruction, and produce reports that demonstrate alignment with general education goals, accreditation requirements, and institutional initiatives.

FitQuest Features


FitQuest Helps You Create Your Own Path to Fitness

FitQuest: A Personal Journey is an experiential approach to fitness and wellness that enables students to find their own path to well being.

Personal and Relevant

Unlike any other fitness and wellness learning system, FitQuest teaches students to self-assess and use personalized feedback to reflect and create strategies and tactics for change. The FitQuest multimedia eBook provides the science to inform and support students’ decision-making, not prescribe it. Data collected are reported to students’ online portfolio, which enables them to track progress towards their academic and well being goals.

Personalized Fitness Assessment
Better use of student's time
Adaptive Behavior Change Tutorials from The Experts

When and how to change is personal to you. Seamlessly integrated into FitQuest, the Pro-Change LifeStyle Management Suite provides adaptive behavior change tutorials that assess your stage of change and adapts the tutorials for who you are. The Lifestyle Mangement Suite was developed by the leading experts in behavior change theory, Drs. James and Jan Prochaska and their team at Pro-Change Behavior Systems.

Engaging Science-Based Multimedia eTextbook

FitQuest: A Personal Journey contains dozens of instructional videos and pictures to facilitate students with application of knowledge.

Online wellness course

Flexible and Adaptable Teaching Tools

FitQuest: A Personal Journey organizes content into manageable chapters and modules that provides coverage of important topics while enabling instructors to select and organize the topics according to the learning objectives of his or her class. Instructors can use Fitquest as designed – “right out-of-the-box” – with no time investment, but they can also customize assignments to meet course objectives and time constraints.

Customizable Real-Time Data Analytics for Research and Education

Powered by Perceivant technology is a real-time data analytics platform that enables Bearface customers to analyze and report development of students’ behavior change skills capture student input data (previous knowledge, experience, attitudes, behaviors), record data about students learning environment and experience, and collect students’ output data (knowledge, experience, attitudes, and behaviors after instruction).

Online Learning Assessment


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